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7/19/23, 11:32 AM



Last Monday night (7/17/23), the Ranch Association held their Candidates Forum in the Juniper Room. Less than ten residents attended and the Event was moderated by VP Ara Erdekian.

President Kari Vickery, via zoom, made some opening remarks, thanked the three candidates and passed the baton to VP Erdekian.

The CANDIDATES: Incumbent/Director, Bob Beveridge, Incumbent/Director, Michael Carey and Kelly Davis.

The candidates fielded questions from Directors Ara Erdekian, Randy Peterson and Mike Dries.



Erdekian asked the first question:


“With a decreasing pool of volunteers on the ranch, how do we re-ignite the successful search and recruitment to help our operations?”

All three candidates answered the question, their answers were as expected and overlooked some of the underlying issues/concerns impacting recruiting volunteers.


Before the Event concluded, candidate Carey commented: “There’s was one more question that you didn’t ask.” Erdekian responded: “Would you be able to attend most meetings and be able to shoulder being on some committees?” Carey: “Yes.”

Erdekian then asked Carey: “Are you a team player, that’s the other question?” However, Erdekian left out the opening part of the question.

Question Number Eight (8):

“The HOA board is not a dictatorship. Homeowners put their trust in board members to look out for the best interest of the Ranch as a whole, not the board members own interests. Board members must be unbiased, carry their own weight, and align with the vision of the board and the Ranch even if it doesn’t suit their personal interest. b) Are you a team player?”


Questions were allowed from the audience and resident Carol Orr read aloud the above referenced question.

Carey answered: “I agree, that the HOA board is not a dictatorship and we have to be a team…” Beveridge responded: “I agree with Mike, once a vote is taken, then your a team and go forward…” Davis stated: “It’s okay to have a dissenting view, but you also have to have a united front…”


Ranch resident Kevin Fiet commented: “If I was a candidate for the board and asked whether I could be a Team Player, I would ask, for which Team?

Them vs us-the members?

“There’s no purpose in having a board of directors if dissenting opinions are not only discouraged, but punished. In essence, Ranch officials are forcing their Will and Agendas on perspective directors.”

“They’re FORCING GROUP THINK on all of the board members and they’re not letting dissenting opinions be voiced by the general membership.”


“The current management model needs to be radically changed and if that somehow was accomplished, you just might see more members stepping up and volunteering.” There’s too much unchecked power and control in the hands of a few and the membership is waking up to that fact.”




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