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6/3/22, 8:00 PM



Bill & Judy’s Rodeo Survey was tabulated today in the Juniper Room and Ranch resident Kevin Fiet was there.

Up front he told Ranch Matters (RM) that he did not participate in the actual tabulation process as stated by President Bill Burt at the April 18, Regular (Zoom) Board Meeting. He sat with an unidentified elderly woman in the audience during the counting process.

Briefly, Fiet stated the tabulation process started about 1:30 PM and ended a little after 3:00 PM. President Burt was the overseer, Director Monty Riddle counted the votes as they were handed to him by Kara Burkhart.

According to Fiet approximately “270” votes were cast via the email system and printed for the tabulation process.



Fiet stated Burt had asked him not to release the RESULT of today’s tabulation process. He stated, “. I told them I wouldn’t say-they’re going to announce them on Monday. So I’d rather wait until Monday…”

RM asked, “Do you know?” Fiet replied, “I do know.”

We asked, “Is it along the lines of what we thought it was going to be?” Fiet replied, “You know, I don’t know what you thought…”

We answered, “We thought that it would probably pass, but we could be wrong-are we on the right course?”

Fiet, “I think we know the answer.”

RM, “Okay, so it passed.” Fiet, “I can’t comment.”

Mr. Fiet ended, “Maybe we can talk off record later…”

NOTE: Fiet told RM that he had an interesting and somewhat disturbing conversation with President Burt, but wants to save it for a later report.

As an aside, Ranch Manager Judy Lapora was absent today. According to a source, she was “exposed to a Covid person” and is off.

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