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Letter to the Editor by Carol Orr

12/31/19, 4:32 PM


Submitted by former Ranch Director, Carol Orr

2020 A New Start

The simple fact is that it’s much easier to vilify one with whom we disagree rather than engage in respectful dialogue. The Board can write off those with differing opinions as uniformed at best and the spawn of the Evil One at worst. Good honest debate does take effort. It takes patience and understanding. It takes a desire to open one’s ears to another point of view, putting aside one’s own limitations and myopia.

While you may not hold all opinions or viewpoints valid, create room in your hearts to hear from those with whom you disagree.

I tried so hard to convey that message to the Board when I was a Director. Unfortunately, I was accused of being on the “wrong side”. And the odds which are occurring now is a direct result of marginalizing, refusing to listen (even to your own Director) and name calling. If you are on the “wrong side” many friendships will disappear. I guess they were not really friends to start with.

This will require as I said, a change in your hearts, truly listening; becoming empathic-swallowing your pride. Currently, you listen, but are not hearing.

My own experience, the Board has answered some of my questions, but does so in a very defensive way. And walking out on me was a very poor way to handle my honest concerns. I attended a Budget committee meeting and Bill B. was still defending his position. Move on.

Yes, I am holding CRR Board of Directors to a higher standard. As Director, I was called names and yelled at by residents (no, it wasn’t the so call trouble makers). All I ever said was either nothing or thank you for your opinion.

It is your responsibility to create a sense of “Us”. And it does start with the MANAGER, who perpetuates SLANDER regarding certain individuals. I know this, because as a former board member, this was the first thing I learned- that there were a COUPLE OF RESIDENTS that we needed to stay away from and be careful, aka “trouble makers”. I was determined to find out for myself.

At this point I am not sure how to repair/ past/current relations with those you detest. I do believe that if the Board President (you) spoke at a Board meeting humbling yourselves and admitting the part past Boards have played in this current situation, that would be a start. Currently, the Board is being perceived as a bunch of disrespectful bullies by more people than you would believe. Even if you don’t believe this is true, wouldn’t you want to change that perception somehow? Please don’t Silence the Messengers.

Carol Orr