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Submitted by former Ranch Director, Carol Orr

1/03/2020, 2:09 PM

Submitted by former Ranch Director, Carol Orr

Today (1/3/2020), Onya Remer officially received “The Sarah Connor’s Chronicle” Award.

First, there is no doubt that Onya is the fiercest mom, that goes without saying. But as a posted earlier December 17, agree with Onya or not concerning her request to the Board regarding a business venture/dream, she is the only person who has stood up, addressed the Board politely, calmly and without malice. She was very specific stating that she could not meet with Harbour or La Pora because they “can no longer be trusted.” She asked both Harbour and La pora to resign. She stepped out from behind social media and actually said what others are thinking. So, thank you Onya for being the first. I hope that her courage is contagious. And they say millennial’s don’t care and are not passionate. Thanks again Onya, for standing by your convictions and never backing down.

The only thing the Remer’s were asking the Board is to be allowed to succeed or fail with their dream.

Carol Orr

Onya Remer thanked Carol Orr and added she has not heard from the Board or anyone regarding her request that Carl Harbour and Judy Lapora resign over TRUST ISSUES.

Onya asked, why was Harbour and Lapora at the 11/25/19, Ad Hoc Meeting, when they were the subjects of the Remer’s complaints.

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