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12/11/18, 6:27 PM

Ranch Matters met with Montie P. Soderquist, SOJ, Jefferson County Coordinator today regarding latest developments.

According to Soderquist, the Jefferson County Committee is actively assisting the recently formed Deschutes County Committee get organized.

Additionally, both Jefferson and Deschutes SOJ Committees are looking to get Crook County involved.

Soderquist stressed, right now, his Committee is working towards getting the word out-informing people, raising money and spearheading a petition drive for the voters of Jefferson County.

The State of Jefferson believes a new 51st State is needed to restore “fairness” within the political process, as well as the abolishment of Property and State Income Taxes.

See earlier story posted September 21, 2018, for additional background.

For Jefferson County residents seeking more information, contact Coordinator Montie P. Soderquist at: 503-995-7243 or email: jefferson@sojxx.org  

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