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9/14/21, 5:10 PM


“A state of emergency is declared within Jefferson County…”

Tomorrow, the Jefferson County Commissioner’s are holding a Special Meeting to consider and approve a Resolution Declaring a state of Emergency due to foreseeable lack of adequate resources to respond to basic needs for Health, Safety and Emergency Services predicated on Governor Kate Brown’s vaccination mandate.

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 401.309 allows the governing body of a county to initiate the state of emergency declaration. ORS 401.309 states in part: “The governing body of a city or county in the state may declare, by ordinance or resolution, that a state of emergency exists within the city or county…”

However, when the Governor declares a state of emergency, her powers can not necessarily be superseded by the county’s Resolution.

Jefferson County Commissioner/Chair Kelly Simmelink sat down with Ranch Matters and discussed his thoughts and concerns regarding Brown’s vaccine mandate and the reason for the proposed Resolution.

Simmelink stated the Resolution may be symbolic, but stressed the importance of “getting it on the record” and working with other counties.

  Click here for Commissioner Simmelink’s URGENT Report

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