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02/08/2024, 12:55 PM


Yesterday’s edition of the Madras Pioneer included a Letter to the Editor, titled, “Stampede Stunner” submitted by Ranch resident Carol Orr.

The letter highlighted some important questions regarding the cancellation of the Steel Stampede Event. Questions that demand answers, according to Orr.


Ms. Orr’s letter was in response to a Madras Pioneer story, written by Ranch resident and Pioneer reporter, Pat Kruis.

The story was titled:

“Steel Stampede Leaves Crooked River Ranch”

posted online February 1.


“First and foremost, I find it interesting that Ms. Kruis was obviously provided very detailed and some would say, confidential information related to costs associated with the event.


The Homeowners were left in the dark and offered no opportunity for any input. Additionally, did the board approve the release of this financial information?


Why wasn’t any of this information openly discussed at any of our board meetings?


Kruis Story talks about the Homeowners board asking Manager Judy Lapora ‘to do a cost analysis.’


When and how was that made?


Again, there was never any mention or discussion at any meeting even suggesting the cancellation of the ‘successful’ event.


An intriguing quote from Ranch Director Ara Erdekian:

‘The Ranch is not ready to be a high-end venue like Deschutes County Fairgrounds…’

For 15 years it supposedly worked, was ‘successful’? Now, according to Erdeklan, ‘isn’t ready for a high-end venue…?

Ara: ‘ The best part is we have an area to race and now we can invite motocross racers, BMXers, and different groups to come.’



Lucky for the Deschutes County Fairgrounds that they have an ally in the Redmond Chamber of Commerce-

Manager Lapora.

“CRR’s loss is the Fairgrounds gain.”




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