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6/28/23, 3:11 PM


There’s house on the corner of SW Shad and SW Mustang that has been the subject of multiple CC&R investigations and Fines. The homeowners efforts to comply and clean up the property never seems to be enough to be left alone.

Ranch Matters was contacted regarding a recent incident that involved CC&R Committee member, Jim Stagl and the above residence.


We were told that about a month ago, an elderly gentleman was observed “holding up traffic on Shad” while taking pictures of the property.

The driver was described and his description fit CC&R Committee member Jim Stagl and his identity was confirmed by our photos.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with how alleged CC&R’s violations are investigated, the last person-CC&R Committee member that should be involved is Stagl.


Jim Stagl was the subject of several reports regarding comments he made about a Vehicle/RV fire at that same location in 2021.

The residents barely escaped, three dogs perished in the fire, the RV was totally destroyed and luckily the fire didn’t spread beyond the property.

The fire produced a lot of comments on social media most offering support and condolences. However, CC&R Committee member, Jim Stagl showed his true colors.

Stagl’s initial comment stated:

“If we are lucky, it will spread to the whole place. LET IT BURN.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, Stagl doubled down and said:

“Place is a CC&R violation disaster. LET IT BURN.”

In yet another comment, Stagl addressed a lady as “CHICKY.”

“Sorry chicky, but the place has been an eye sore disaster for too many years, CCR violation for a long time.”

As reported, while CC&R Committee member Stagl points out their alleged violations, he violates the CC&R Committee’s Policy & Procedure Handbook regarding confidential information.


“Every committee member is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of sensitive or personal information gained due to his or her membership on a committee. This may include information about other Association members, members of the Board, staff or other confidential information gained as a committee member and must be held in the strictest of confidence.”


The Ranch leadership not only ignored Stagl’s inflammatory comments, but clearly telegraphed that his statements/conduct was acceptable.


Their willful failure to police one of their own reflects negatively on the leadership of the Association and sends the wrong message.


Fast forward a couple of years and Stagl,


is back in the saddle.

So much for conducting unbiased investigations and avoiding the appearance of impropriety.






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