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12/10/18, 1:25 PM

“Assessment” – You Pay-No Say!

On November 4th, 2017, the Crooked River Ranch Board of Directors held a Town Hall Meeting at the Ranch chapel regarding the Emergency Exit.

Former Ranch President George “Mitch” Mitchener complimented Crooked River Ranch Special Road District (SRD) Commissioner John Williams stating: “…John Williams keeps great notes and good files…”

Interestingly, it was during this same timeline that Ranch Matters had requested Public Records from Special Road District Commissioner John Williams regarding the Emergency Exit-Public Works Project and he deliberately withheld SRD records.

Toward the serious Public Interest Issues of finding out what had been planned, how it came about and at whose urgings, what its status was, and why the project was proceeding WITHOUT ANY VOTE of residents or voters was troublesome.

As residents of Crooked River Ranch, members of the Ranch Homeowners Association, Taxpayers within the Ranch Special Road District and members of the Media, we felt it was necessary to file a Public Records Lawsuit against Special Road District Commissioner John Williams and the Special Road District last January.


On October 16, 2018, Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Daina Vitolins presided over the Public Records Lawsuit-SETTLEMENT CONFERENCE.

As part of the Agreement, SRD Commissioner John Williams agreed to release withheld records along with some other conditions. One of the records recently produced was an email written by former Ranch President Mitch Mitchener, dated November 3, 2017, the day before the Town Hall Meeting.

Mitchener’s email discusses the word “assessment” and voting rights related to the Ranch by- laws. He stated in part, “…assessment might create confusion and give ammo to the folks who believe that this should go to a vote of the residents.” Mitchener further stated, “our by-laws indicate that assessments have to go to a vote…”

It should be noted that at the November 4th, 2017, Town Hall Meeting, SRD Commissioner John Williams was asked whether the SRD could fund the Emergency Exit and he answered, “That would require voter approval from all of the residents of the Ranch, which is not very likely to happen-ever.”

Were both populations-SRD TAXPAYERS and the RANCH HOMEOWNERS deceived and purposely mislead?

Call it what you want (Mitchener), it’s still money out of our pockets and we didn’t get to VOTE!

Ranch Matters Staff

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