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SRD Special Meeting 1000 am


SRD Special Meeting – 10:00 am

-Apparent focus was Public Records related and production of records for requesters.
-Chairman Hoffmann stated:

“Anything that has our lawyer on it is not eligible to be sent.”
-Hoffmann asked Director Williams and Director Schlabach,

“How much time do we need?”
-Williams responded: “Maybe a week”, then changed his response, saying

“Actually, let’s say 2 weeks.”
-It was agreed on by Hoffmann and Schlabach that Hoffmann would send his emails to Director Schlabach for printing.
(Prior to calling the meeting to order, Chairman Hoffman was explaining that he would not be spending $25.00 for ink and $5.00 for paper)
– Hoffmann asked if I was there representing my group? I explained to him that I was not sure what group he was referring to, as I was there representing my paper.
– Hoffmann questioned me regarding whether or not to send 3 duplicate copies of emails that had been sent to all three members.
-Hoffmann, Williams and Schlabach were presented with amended records request.
-Hoffmann asked Williams and Schlabach if there was

“anything else to talk about?”
Schlabach asked Hoffmann if he wanted a “quick update”, Hoffmann replied that “I think it can wait.”
-Hoffmann stated to the other Directors,

“ if for any reason we won’t have a package put together by deadline, let’s communicate.”
-Hoffmann went on to say

“I just as soon send them 3 copies of everything.”

(Again referring to the scenario of all Directors receiving the same email communication)
-Hoffmann stated

“After May 9, hopefully we can get back to SRD business.”


-Hoffmann will be out of the Country May 17-29/30, then has surgery on the 31st and will be “out of commission” for 2-3 weeks, stating: “There’s a good chance I won’t be here for the June meeting.”
-Williams will be out of town from May 22-May 30.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:26 am.
SRD members exited the Juniper Room at 10:56 am.

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