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6/01/20, 2:45 PM

Ranch Matters recently sat down with former Ranch General Maintenance Supervisor, Steve Swigart and discussed his sudden termination from the Ranch, as well as, he shared some of his thoughts and experiences as our Maintenance Supervisor.

Swigart stated he was hired in March of 2017 and without any warning “terminated” on April 29, 2020. He said Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora called him to her office where Ranch VP, Bill Burt was also waiting.

According to Swigart, his termination was largely “linked to the continuing BOCCE BALL FIASCO.” Lapora also accused him of not completing tasks and his response: “Every task assigned by Lapora typically included mixed directives, mis-information or re-direction to another task.”

Regarding the Bocce Ball Court construction “fiasco” Swigart stated, “I followed Lapora’s directives to construct the Bocce Ball Court per her submitted approved design that included the location.”
Swigart added, there’s more to the Bocce Ball story, but that’s for later.

Swigart explained he had “many responsibilities as the Ranch General Maintenance Supervisor.” However, one particular task that was “ODD and OFF BASE” and assigned by Ranch Manager, Lapora, directed him to look for

“BUGS-Electronic Eavesdropping Devices in the Juniper Room.”


Swigart said Lapora ordered the Juniper Room inspected for BUGS at “least two times” after Ranch Matters had rented the room. She told him she was afraid we had planted listening devices throughout the room and he looked under chairs, tables and behind pictures to no avail. Swigart called it a “waste of time and paranoia on Lapora’s part.”

Lapora’s paranoia is supposedly based on a Ranch Matters Staff member who also is a licensed private investigator.

She told him (Swigart) “we are spies with the ability and background to plant the devices.” Swigart saw the humor in her paranoia acknowledging at the same time how serious her accusations really are. He laughed rather seriously and said, “spies like us” have created a paranoia beyond Lapora and we would add, a hostile environment.

Speaking of spies, Lapora “directed me (Swigart) to obtain and install the video cameras in the Juniper Room specifically because of Ranch Matters.” She claimed it was “crime related”, but that was “not the truth” according to Swigart.

While on the subject of cameras in the Juniper Room, Swigart said he was directed to save video clips on a computer of Brenda & John Stevens, Dave Stangland, Stephanie Stevens and former Ranch Director, Carol Orr.

There’s a “HIT LIST or BAD GUY LIST” maintained by Lapora that contains at least “10 Association Members-Stevens and Stangland are at the top.” All employees, including newly hired Ranch employees, are instructed not to talk to anyone affiliated with Ranch Matters. Additionally, Swigart confirmed Lapora told him that we (Stevens & Stangland) are “DANGEROUS, CRAZY and TROUBLEMAKERS” confirming exactly what former Ranch Director, Carol Orr was told by Lapora.


Swigart was a wealth of information and provided extensive background related to the Inner Workings/Operation of the Ranch Administration.


Ranch Matters Staff

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