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6-1-21 4:22 PM
**The following column Truth ORR Consequences, was submitted by former Ranch Director Carol Orr. Ms. Orr will be contributing from time to time her thoughts.





Harbour’s Censorship Attempt


Has Harbour crossed the line in attempting thought policing?

Voices are being silenced, opinions being censored and media. No I am not talking about You tube, Facebook, Twitter.

If President Harbour disapproves of your speech he is now attempting to suppress, minimize, demonize, marginalize, according to his PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE, June 2021 page 11. He will use his bully pulpit, the Newsletter, the Nine, the Lion’s club, Muting at Zoom meetings, removing you from Zoom meetings, call the sheriff to remove you from Board meetings, creating unnecessary and punitive Resolutions at his will, etc. to accomplish this, with no recourse.

Harbour would prefer that Ranch Matters News be shut down, and as Harbour states, “social media chat groups.” Harbour states, the sites are the “problems.” The sites “escalate when sharing this ‘misinformation” creating “unfounded and unnecessary concerns.”

We the readers, are too stupid and there are “those that like to interrupt information incorrectly and then use the falsehoods to create misconceptions in others.”

If Harbour and company have their way, it will be nothing more than an Echo Chamber of their own talking points. We all loose.

Is this the type of leadership you all want? As you read in Harbour’s Message, we, anyone who questions them are the “problem.” Does anyone else actually see where the real problems lie?

This is at the very minimum Harbour’s third attempt at defending The Rulers behaviors through the Newsletter. Why is Harbour and the Board always so defensive. Are they afraid that the light is shining too brightly on them?

I challenge President Harbour and any of his loyalists to present any “misinformation, using falsehoods, are opinions rather than facts” evidence to actually back up their accusations. Harbour loves to throw out, to use his word “unfounded” statements with no real evidence.

And he expects you all to just say, Yes sir, President Harbour.



Answer: Not leading, self serving, never at fault.

So I ask you P. Harbour should we be pandering to you?

Would you be happy then?

Freedom of Thought, dictionary= “freedom of conscience or ideas, for an individual to hold or consider a FACT, view point or thought independent of others viewpoints.


**As an aside, earlier today I emailed all of the Ranch Directors a Rebuttal from the June, Telegraph, page 11, President’s Message:



From: Carol

Sent: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 8:06 AM

To: carl.harbour@crookedriverranch.com; bill.burt@crookedriverranch.com; Stephanie.proffitt@crookedriverranch.com; judy.gilliland@crookedriverranch.com; jerry.cooper@crookedriverranch.com; richard.ebers@crookedriverranch.com; mike.dries@crookedriverranch.com; monty.riddle@crookedriverranch.com; judy.gilliland@crookedriverranch.com

Subject: rebuttal

P. Harbour,

A Rebuttal to June 2021, President Message

Kudos to you for your 3+ years, but you still have a “phenomenon that I have a hard time understanding.”

You are correct in your statement, “there is so much stuff going on here.” More truth has never before been spoken by yourself, Mr. Harbour. But I do not think that is what you mean.

Allow me:

1)The out of control escalating behavior of Manager, Judy Lapora, you and your Board, and previous Directors and President. Namely, the 3 complaints and hit list sent to the DPSST. You know the one, where I am a follower of a Charles Manson like cult, and also identified me as a “Manson girl.” May I remind you Mark Schneider was Director at the time. But you know all of that. Also on Board is Clackamas County Battalion Chief, former President, current Resident, Dave Palmer. Deny, deny, deny. But that doesn’t make it not true.

2)Thumbdrives of myself sent to the Sheriff Jefferson Co., and soon after your Board’s apology, (FAUXpology), Mark Schneider did it again, sent thumb drives of myself, to the state agency the DPSST.

3)Passed a Resolution to have the sheriff called and hauled out of meeting, arrested, why, because you didn’t like my questions.

4)Installed 5 surveillance cameras in the small Juniper Room and had an employee check for “bugs” after Stevens had rented the Juniper room.

5)Gaveled and walked out of a board meeting while speaking.

6) An attempt to mute me at a Zoom meeting

7)Removed me from a Zoom meeting

8)If you can show me any disrespectful behavior, speech on my part, please do. I will wait.

9)The RV dump issue. Trying to get around DEQ standards, how much is that going to cost us?

10) Ignoring, egregious behavior by Richard Jensen, then using your powers to “trespass”

11)Using your bully pulpit, to smear, marginalize a group of individuals with no permission to reply to smear campaign.

12)Stealing individuals signs, just because you don’t like them. Others were left in same spot.

Now let’s get to the “MIS-INFORMATION” you refer to. You say, “sadly, they get their daily dose of information from social media, chat groups, and casual conversations with others that usually are opinions rather than facts. That you say, “creates unfounded and unnecessary concerns.”

You, Harbour, paint a picture of quite a number of residents as too stupid to think for ourselves, do our own homework; “ “….use the falsehoods to create misconceptions in others.” Don’t react to these, “casual sources.” Are you the CRR Facebook Czar now. Shut the speech down, because you don’t like it.

And would you please, be man enough to actually identify the terrible people you refer to. Let me help you: Ranch Matters Newsgroup. Yes, with all the bad press and narrative you try to control, you underestimated them as wannabes, or trouble makers or whatever other the label you feed to all of your buddies.

NEWSFLASH: If as you say, you want a “better informed” community, then allow free flow dialogue, even when you don’t approve. What is it called when you tell people what to think and way. Answer” Not leading, self serving, never at fault. Would you be happy if we all just pandered to you?

Freedom of thought: dictionary, “freedom of conscience or ideas, for an individual to hold or consider a FACT, view point, or thought independent of others’ viewpoints.”

Here is a little test:

True or False:

History shows the side that has to suppress opposition, scrutiny and skepticism, is always on the right side of the argument.

Answer: False

If history doesn’t show your are on the right side of the argument, does that imply more often than not, your are on the wrong side of the argument?

Answer: True

Why do you have to suppress and oppose anything?

Answers: The last word, opposition explains it. You just fundamentally hate it when I am not culting like you are.

I can only ask, after the Board, Judy Lapora, and (Schneider was Director at that time) “unfounded, false” attempt at smearing myself included to DPSST, I ask what can I expect next from you and your out of control Nine in the future? Your behavior is escalating and becoming more and more desperate. You have become a bunch of bullies, just because you can.

And please stop with the email, call , contact crap, and you all will get back to us. Get back to me.


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