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SPECIAL REPORT: Serious Accusations Ranch Director/Treasure, Jerry Cooper SUDDENLY RESIGNS

3/7/22, 4:06 PM


Serious Accusations

Ranch Director/Treasure, Jerry Cooper


Today’s (3/7/22), Work Session Meeting was anything but routine. After Roll Call, VP Carl Harbour proceeded to discuss the meeting’s Agenda when interrupted by Director/Treasurer Jerry Cooper. Cooper stated: “Carl, before we start into that I would like to say a few words…”

Director Cooper’s FEW WORDS:

“I was voted into this Board, almost 3 years ago. And in that time, I found I’ve made a lot new relationships and met a lot of good people.” The negative side of that, would be all the negative-negativity I have to read about everyday or be told about…”


“I’ve been told it’s not personal, it’s part of the job, well, no it’s not. I’ve been harassed, I’ve been basically, we’ve all been called, liars and cheats and we’re doing everything underhanded…”

“There may be a small group of people that are doing it, but you know what, I AM SICK OF IT!”

“Let me give you another example of why I’m just-I’m to there. This past summer, I was ACCUSED of SEXUALLY HARASSING my backdoor neighbor. While we were having a conversation, I guess we were SPIED on and false accusations were made, because whoever did it, I’m sure I know who it is. Whoever made those accusations researched who the landowner of the property behind me is and decided to say, hey, form a complaint, send to our Administration Office-THAT’S THE KIND OF SHIT, THAT I’VE HAD TO DEAL WITH.”

“I’m tired of being called a liar, tired of being called a thief, as you all should be.”

“I’m not going to say individual names-you all know who you are.”


“I want to thank each and every member that I’ve dealt with on this Board, past and present. I have found you all to be upstanding citizens of this Ranch trying to do the best job they can. I appreciate you all and for all the hard work that you put into this. AND, for all of the abuse you too have had to take. Carl, you’re especially one of them. Bill, is another one. Judy another one…” “Do I always agree with everything you guys say and do, no…”

“There’s too many people out here that think they’re a frickin, should I say, know it all…”

“Well, I’m sorry, but I’m done. What I’m saying to you, is I thank you all for all that you do, I’m going to sign off and RESIGN from this Board immediately-I’M DONE!”

 Attached video snippet

RM COMMENTARY: Former Director Cooper’s remarks are loaded with unsubstantiated accusations, unfounded implications and sly innuendoes. Appears to be a PATTERN used by some former and current Board members and the Administration.

We will be looking into it.

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