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8/16/22, 4:43 PM


At last night’s (8/15/22), Regular Board Meeting, the SENTENCE was imposed against Director Richard Ebers and resident Carol Orr for failing to file their appeals as ordered by VP/Kangaroo Court Judge, Carl Harbour.

President Bill Burt initially stated the $250.00 FINE stands and wanted to move on. Director Randy Peterson suggested suspending sentencing for 6 months and a lively discussion followed with Directors Ara Erdekian, Burt and Harbour visibly upset with any mercy offered the accused. Harbour stated they “BOTH EARNED IT.”




At the June 20, 2022, Regular Board Meeting, the Crooked River Ranch Board of Directors unanimously voted to impose three (3) new retaliatory/punitive resolutions further restricting homeowners rights. Resolutions 2022-06-20 A, B & C.

The following Directors voted to punish/silence opposing voices: President Bill Burt, VP Carl Harbour, Secretary Julia Randall, Treasurer Randy Peterson, Mike Dries, Ara Erdekian, Sheryl Jones and former Director Monty Riddle.

Interestingly, Burt, without a vote or stating the general nature of his premeditated actions, felt the need to adjourn the Regular Meeting and sneak into Executive Session, once again failing to follow state law.

Burt and the Board were hell-bent on passing something to restrict homeowners’/members’ rights-behind closed doors, as part of their on-going retaliatory practices to silence certain Ranch residents.

Following the above, several Ranch residents exercising their First Amendment Rights, organized a grass-roots campaign that included a petition drive, demonstrations and calls for an investigation by an outside agency.

The Petition Summary states:

“On June 20, 2022, the Crooked River Ranch Board of Directors (CRR/BOD) passed 3 draconian/retaliatory/punitive Resolutions in a non-disclosed meeting, further restricting homeowners’ rights. Resolutions 2022-06-20 A,B & C. The BOD has repeatedly demonstrated a pattern of harassment & intimidation, disregarding their Fiduciary Duties, as well as, Violating their own Policies.  There are many elderly, vulnerable & low income residents living on CRR that are at the mercy of the Ranch Association Leadership. In addition, we believe there has been violations of homeowners privacy, perpetrated again by current & former Ranch Officials. The Ranch Officials know they have unlimited funds to fight Ranch Residents with Association Funds in order to silence all who disagree, creating a hostile environment. We, the undersigned, are concerned CRR residents that believe the above Resolutions need to be immediately repealed & that an investigation be conducted by an outside agency/agencies regarding the conduct of CRR Ranch OFFICIALS.”


During the August 1, 2022, Work Session Meeting, VP Carl Harbour held Kangaroo Court regarding Resolution 2022-06-20-B that included confusing accusations against Ranch Director Richard Ebers and resident Carol Orr’s conduct at the July 18 Regular Board Meeting.

As reported, the Directors made no attempt to consider any relevant information/evidence before rendering their final ruling resulting in a $250.00 FINE against Ebers and Orr. Further, the Directors failed to provided any accusatory document outlining their actual allegations against the accused and gave them until August 15 to file their appeals to the same Kangaroo Court.

As previously reported, certain current and former Ranch officials have been engaged in a long-term effort to disrupt, discredit, obstruct and harass any opposing voices on the Ranch. They have filed malicious reports with various government entities as part of their obstruction and harassment campaign. Their plans to silence dissenting opinions and suppress the rights and freedoms of homeowners failed. In their continued effort to silence certain residents, they conjured up the above mentioned coercive resolutions to punish residents on their “hit list”, as well as a mechanism to control information.




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