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3/01/20, 1:52 PM


In the March Telegraph, Ranch President, Carl Harbour provided a “sign refresher” for the CRR/HOA Membership. Harbour’s message includes an overview of sign policies on the Ranch. One particular guideline, highlighted by Harbour, covers political signs-they don’t need approval.

Harbour’s message refers to the ‘70’s rock group, Five Man Electric Band and their song, “Signs.”

He quotes from the songs chorus: Sign, sign, everywhere a sign… Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?



In July of 2016, we had some questions based in part, on the confusing/conflicting reports disseminated by Ranch Officials regarding the 2016 Election Cycle. Clarification questions fell on deaf ears so we initiated an opposing campaign specifically targeting Ballot Measure 2.

As part of an overall effort, that included Letters to the Editor, ads in the local paper, holding signs and passing out informational fliers on 43rd & Chinook, a small grassroots “NO ON 2” group was formed. Many of the groups signs were placed on various private properties and within the Jefferson County Right-Of Way (ROW) adjacent to CRR’s signs in the same ROW.

Most of our political signs were stolen-along with our message, as fast as placed and Jefferson County Sheriff, Jim Adkins personally responded to the theft of our political signs via text: “hey john, yes it should be reported, I’d hate it if someone stole my signs…”

August 22, 2016, a THEFT III Report was filed with the Sheriff’s Office, Case Number 160776, stating, “…a theft report of at least 50 political signs on Crooked River Ranch. The signs read “Vote No on 2” and were set throughout the ranch.” “The case is under investigation.”

For several days the mystery went unsolved, until August 25. It was uncovered that our political signs were in fact stolen and tossed in the Boneyard by the CRR Road Department, as ordered by Ranch Manager Judy Lapora.

According to a later report by the Sheriff’s Office, a “Ton of signs” taken, yet only a few returned.

Our attempts to retrieve our political signs/property from the Boneyard were met with threats of arrest for Trespass by the Ranch.

Interestingly, the same Lapora who ordered the theft of our political signs, two years later, sent out an email via the CRR Phase Reps regarding the theft of political signs. Her message informed the residents that political signs placed on private property were being “stolen and/or destroyed.”

Lapora reminded everyone that “doing so is against the law.” She added, ‘Please be respectful of your neighbors FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.”

Harbour ends his message with the question, “ I wonder what ever happened to the Five Man Electric Band??”


Harbour, check the Boneyard for their “Signs.”

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