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11/7/22, 2:35




The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) started work today cutting and clearing trees, grass and shrubs adjacent to the Quail Emergency Exit as part or their Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project.


See Video here

The BLM work crew had a problem, at least according to a Ranch Matters (RM) source.


The source reported that while the BLM work crews were busy cutting down junipers, shots were fired. The source stated that they were told by a BLM worker: “ Somebody was shooting guns over the top of the workers heads.” Law Enforcement was called.


RM contacted the BLM Crew Boss and attempted to confirm the shooting incident, but was intercepted by BLM Ranger Stret.

Ranger Stret was unable to confirm or deny the shooting report and referred us to the BLM’s Public Information Office.

We left a message for the Public Information Officer.

Check back for updates



*UPDATE: RM was contacted by BLM’s Public Information Officer (PIO) and told they were not aware of any shots or threats involving their employees.

RM asked: Why was law enforcement called? The PIO stated: “There was a discussion with a CRR property owner and the BLM Crew Boss about the project.” We asked who called law enforcement and the PIO replied the “Crew Boss.”

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