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6/28/22, 3:22 PM

Last week, Madras attorney William Carl was arrested, not once, but twice within the space of a few hours for allegedly violating a restraining order filed ex parte by Katie Garret-Dundom.

In a story published by Bend Bulletin reporter, Garrett Andrews on June 22, titled, “ Madras lawyer arrested twice in one day”, Katie Garrett stated “I’m lucky to be alive…” “I want the public to recognize the severity of our mass failures protecting victims.”

Katie Garrett sat down with Ranch Matters (RM) and explained why she filed the restraining order against William Carl along with her concerns regarding how the judicial system handles domestic violence cases.

Katie told RM she filed the restraining order over “safety and abuse issues.” She said, “I am a victim of domestic violence and I had a very very hard time getting support…”

Katie added, “There is some link for me with the office fire investigation…” “He (William Carl) is using-reviewing the discovery between-the discovery that was given to Troy Patrick, that they are having involvement with each other.” “Having meetings, you know and William has me, which I’m participating, because I was a Grand Jury witness for the office fire.”


Katie is referring to the May 25, 2019, arson fire at the former law offices of Madras attorney’s Glenn, Reeder & Gassner. She testified before the Grand Jury on October 22, 2020.

We have published several stories regarding the arson fire including the Oregon Department of Justice investigation and Troy Patrick’s Indictment that was sealed by the court on February 25, 2021. Patrick was indicted on “2 counts of arson 1” for the law office fire and is awaiting trial in September.

Katie further stressed, “To go through this, you know and be a person that was at the Grand Jury, was subpoenaed for Grand Jury testimony-which I did.” “I have been manipulated substantially for the cause of him…”

Katie Garrett stated, “manipulation is tampering” and thanked RM for allowing her to speak freely.

RM reached out to William Carl and scheduled a couple of in person meetings, but Carl cancelled them. However, he did respond to some of our questions regarding the restraining order and Katie Garrett’s interview with us. He also was offered an opportunity to view Katie’s video interview, but declined.

Besides denying the allegations contained in her restraining order he initially stated, “Ok so matters turned ludicrous and cannot really comment on pending criminal charges.”

Carl later messaged us and the following is just a sample of his comments: “Why is she saying all this?” “Just make sure it’s clear that this all based on an email ex parte RO and allegations, without investigation, into the alleged violations. It doesn’t matter who I see or talk to cause if nobody can see the pattern for the last four years of this woman trying to dismantle me at every opportunity, then I don’t think anything I’m gonna say is going to reach anyone anyway. I’ll deal with the cops, DA, and the bar, but I’m not engaging in this. Maybe eventually but right now I have serious problems to deal with and once again for doing nothing wrong.”

Carl continued, “Or I was thinking, I could always arm you with the truth and then you could interview her again with some actual facts and challenge her on it and see how she responds and reacts… “ “Nothing to do with the bar at all but she knows that’s how to get me you notice how no law enforcement has talked to me about any of these allegations in the restraining order just like with other things she said I’ve done that the papers have written that are completely untrue.”

He goes on, “Well how about interviewing not me but my ex wife, ex girlfriend, and ex secretary about me and about her since they all know her well. Show them the video and let them respond…”

Lastly, Carl stated, “Listen, the way this town the media the courts the law everybody has embraced what is objectively against me, nothing I say is going to change anything. “I’m done talking.”

Interestingly, last Thursday (6/23/22), Katie Garrett had a hearing at the Jefferson County Court House. As she was leaving and before exiting the building, Carl’s ex wife, Stacie Lynn Johnson and a couple of her friends were observed by some court officials “flipping Katie off” from the parking lot. Stacie Johnson’s troubling behavior triggered the victims advocate representative, who also witnessed the incident, suggesting to Katie, that she file a stalking order against Stacie.

Yesterday, Katie was granted a “Temporary Stalking Protective Order” by Judge Wade Whiting against Stacie Johnson at an ex parte hearing.

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