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This is directed to our Board, Committee members and any and all ranch staff both – past and present.


By Rebecca Anne

All of you who have stood quietly, while many mentioned above have and are carrying themselves in a manner that is beyond disgraceful..SHAME ON YOU AS WELL!

Look up the definition of enabling. You are just as guilty as they are. Also, those friends and family members of those mentioned who support the actions taken by these bullies…SHAME ON YOU!

Parents should raise their children to be better than all of you. They should raise them to be better than we as parents are. They should raise them to be examples to those that don’t have positive examples as to how to act and treat others. Were your parents that awful? If so, BE BETTER!

I pray for you all everyday! I tell my daughter that those that are cruel to others are suffering inside and we need to pray for them even more. I know it’s not easy to do. I struggle with that and I ask for forgiveness for that struggle. The behavior shown on this ranch is sickening and yet a great example of what is wrong. No one should carry themselves the way you all do.

Abusing and bullying others is not only wrong in your positions, it is NEVER OK IN THIS WORLD!

Do you not think what we are facing in our world is stressful enough? Like it or not, ALL OF YOU ARE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD!

It does not matter how you feel about any homeowner. It does not matter what we have to say to you all. It doesn’t matter at all as again, YOU ALL ARE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD!

You all were voted in to represent and support ALL HOMEOWNERS!

Attacking the members of a journalism team, who are also homeowners, and their followers, many of whom are also homeowners, is ridiculous and wrong. Not to mention, I have yet to see any proof backing up your accusations against them. I also have yet to see you holding those within our HOA accountable for their actions when an immense amount of proof of their bad behavior is readily available and has been provided. That sounds like cronyism to me.

Due to my health, I don’t have much time left on this earth and I take pride in knowing the difference between right and wrong. RIGHT IS RIGHT! WRONG IS WRONG!

Again, you all should know better. BE BETTER!

President Burt, you had the nerve to tell my husband that I was bringing property values down. Where is your proof, sir? I provide many facts and I back them up with proof. If you are upset because I make a quick joke here and there, then BE BETTER!

I don’t know how else to live here knowing this abuse has and continues to happen. They say laughter is the best medicine. As far as property values go, it is you and your cohorts bringing property values down. I can back that up. People just need to watch a Zoom board meeting or two. That’s just a needle in a haystack as far as proof goes. Your behavior and the behavior of all others within this HOA (I’m including all of those enabling) SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

You all should know better! You all should be BE BETTER!

Director Ebers,

I have no words to fully describe your vicious and sickening behavior that seems to continue. To treat homeowners the way you and others have and continue to is beyond disgusting. You don’t know me, but you found out that I am ill and private messaged me in an attempt to inappropriately and unprofessionally turn me against Ranch Matters and all who follow/support them.

You do so while telling me I’ve gotten the wrong impression of you. Do you not hear yourself speak? Do you not see yourself? It is your words and actions that gave me that impression of you. To also not know me and tell me I should be spending more time with my loved ones is absolutely sickening and you should be ashamed of yourself!

If you read your messages to me, your intentions are clear.

I believe you think you are clever in your delivery, whether that be verbal or in written form. I hate to burst your bubble, but you are far from clever.

All of those who support and defend you should be ashamed of themselves. Saying you are stepping down does not make your behavior better, nor will it make your past, present or future actions go away. Sadly for you Director Ebers, I spend a lot of time with my loved ones and you and all others I have mentioned continue to be an example to my child of how not to treat others. An example of how and who not to be. An example of why we must pray for those who are mean hearted and choose cruelty over love. To pray that those who see this behavior will see that it is wrong. Pray that God softens their hearts so this community can be beautiful in its entirety.

I will not allow anyone to bully me within my community where I purchased my home. I will not stand for a group of bullies who believe they can create documents giving them the ability to abuse and bully homeowners when they see fit. It is wrong. It is sickening.

What happened to those on the board who said respect from the board to homeowners would be a priority if they got voted in? Where are you? You know who you are. There is no way all of you don’t know what you’ve done and are doing is wrong! Your being silent is quite telling. Your attempts at silencing us are quite telling and should give all homeowners pause.

All I have written here is my opinion. I suppose when dying, one feels desperate to finish their bucket list. Mine is different from many others. I want to do what I can to make sure my family and loved ones are ok. To know that I will leave them in a better place. To leave my child knowing we never give up when looking out for others. To always stand for what is right no matter one’s fears (retaliation being just one). To call out those who are doing wrong.

So as I said in the beginning…to all of you within this HOA (including all enablers, silent ones as well), take a long hard look in the mirror. DO BETTER! BE BETTER!

I’m also attaching screenshots of messages from Director Ebers.

Photo shows most directors. It is a bit blurry but wanted to be sure those that may not know all Directors could see them in one photo. You can always search RM site for other photos and articles. You can also see their photos on CRR site.