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9/2/18, 2:10 PM

Subject: “resign/getting fired”


On Friday, August 31, 2018, former Ranch Director Carol Orr sat down with us and solved the mystery behind her sudden resignation last May, providing us with a copy of her resignation letter.

Carol spent approximately 3 hours explaining how her time as a Board Director was exhausting because the Board had “no intention of listening to any opposing view,” even though President Dave Palmer stated that he does “welcome them.”
However, many Ranch residents, including Orr have personally experienced otherwise, as Palmer has targeted those who have spoken out with an opposing view. As she stated, “Actions are stronger than words.” Clearly Palmerʼs actions have not shown a willingness to “welcome” an opposing view, but alternatively, differing views were met with personal attacks.

Additionally, Carol conveyed that she sees the “Board as going along to get along.” Going on to say that the Board is “too afraid to upset the current basket that they might hurt each otherʼs feelings or lose friendships.”

Carol went on to say, “Whenever I pose a question to any committee on the Ranch, heads start shaking before I am finished with my question.” She did note that Chair of the Budget Committee, Marilyn Keyser was the exception, “willing to listen and patiently explain the budget process to the audience.”

Has the Board adopted a policy which includes demonization and marginalization as as it relates to those who have different points of view and ask questions?
Orr further stated, “I have been demonized and marginalized with accusations they (the BOD) will not specifically address.”
On February 5, 2018, Director Mark Schneider made a social media post stating, “We are letting Carol dig her own grave with the BOD.” In an email also on February 5, 2018, Schneider writes to Director Sue Flory, stating, “I have been hearing from a lot of people that sang praises for our efforts and said they would be there to support us. That can make a very positive impact on the riff-raff.”
At the February 5, 2018, BOD Work Session Meeting, a Ranch resident and Committee Member read from a prepared statement, defining those that were asking questions as “obstructionists and malcontents.”
“Why the blind eye”, Carol asks? “Mark Schneider who has to my knowledge been excluded from any warnings or reprimands, while the chair of CC&R and myself have been called to special warning meetings for simply telling someone to grow up.”
Does this suggest that the BOD operates with a double standard and once targets you, “takes you to the shed?”

The evidence suggests that the Ranch leadership promotes the demonization, marginalization and personal attacks of those who oppose their views.

In her resignation letter, “please look at the part you All played in this mess. Just holding me accountable for my actions and not the others is not the legacy you wish to have.”
She further stated that “The deck is stacked and the Board still remains a good old boys network with a few silent observers. They are not willing to look at the Major drags on the budget, ie, Golf course, swimming pool and the Snack Shack. Just kicking the can down the road.” She goes on to say, “Where are the women on the Board, who are all over women rights and respect and have not said one word in my defense?”

Orr refers to a statement made to her by Palmer, saying, “Carol, it is no secret you oppose pretty much anything that might, maybe possibly cost the home owner (and probably more accurately, just you) more money.”
In a later email to Palmer, Orr reinforced her concerns regarding Palmerʼs and/or the Boardʼs attitude about “wanting to save people and myself money…”
According to Carol, Palmerʼs response was “If they cannot afford to live here, then they need to go.”

Going back, Carol tells us that a constituent “told me that he talked to one of the Directors about voting. The Director told him that we canʼt let them vote, they wouldnʼt vote in their own best interests.”

“This kind of nonsense was the beginning of the end for me.”

Carol Orr was a strong advocate for a transparent, honest and accountable Board, as well as looking out for the financial interests of the Ranch Membership. Unfortunately, Orrʼs advocacy resulted in serious repercussions, including her resignation.

Our 2018 election cycle just concluded, tasking Ranch residents with selecting new Board Members, but does it really matter who is elected? Will the “good ole boys” system prevail and remain intact? “At this point any idea (even if it is a good one) will never be considered by this Board,” Carol said. Will that statement be true for future Boards?
“Until the Board is willing to look at themselves and see what part they have played (it takes two sides) reconciliation will never happen.”

Carolʼs question, “do they really want reconciliation?”

More reports to follow regarding the Carol Orr interview

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