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10/21/18, 4:57 PM


La Pine Man Sues HOA

“I am a Patriot”, said Jim Boyd, a resident of the Wild River Owners Association in La Pine, Oregon, since 2006. Boyd is taking a stand for what he believes in and fighting for,

 “Equal and fair enforcement of the CC&Rʼs, while protecting property values.


According to court documents, in approximately 2017, Boyd began displaying four separate flags at his home. The American Flag, the US Marine Flag, the Gadsden Flag and a Ferrari themed Flag.

In September 2017, Wild River Ownersʼ Association sent a non-certified, non-registered notice to Boyd regarding the flag displays, requesting that Boyd “…remove the Gadsden-themed flag from your window, as it has been established to be offensive to neighbors and passers-by, and you mount and display the American flag from a conventional exterior mount bracket.”

In 2018, Boyd received two additional notices from the HOA stating, “Non-compliance with these requests will bring cause for more stern enforcement in the form of financial penalty which, if left unpaid, will result in a lien being filed against your property.”

In an Exclusive Interview with Boyd, he told Ranch Matters that he admits, “Breaking the rules, but it is the only way to get the Board of Directorsʼ attention.” Boyd goes on to say that “Committee Members and BOD Members get a pass. They violate CC&Rʼs and get away with it.”

Boyd walked Ranch Matters through the HOA and pointed out several residences with CC&R violations that have gone without penalty. Boyd states that the HOA is using “selective enforcement”, but he is “more than willing to comply, removing his flags, if the BOD fairly and equally enforces the CC&Rʼs throughout the HOA.”

In August of 2018 the Wild River Ownersʼ Association filed a lien against Boydʼs property, triggering Boydsʼ lawsuit against the HOA, which was filed on October 2, 2018. Attorney William Ohle from Portland is representing the HOA and Thomas Wolf is representing Boyd.

The Gadsden flag is a historical American Revolutionary flag, used by the Continental Marines as an early motto flag. As an aside, Boydsʼ father served during World War II as a Marine.

Ranch Matters Staff

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