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12/31/22, 4:15 PM


For 60 years, scientists from SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) have been listening and searching the vast universe for aliens-Extraterrestrial intelligence.


They use an array of eavesdropping equipment and antennas in the hopes of capturing radio signals transmitted by aliens.


David Schwarz, a radio frequency (RFI) interference investigator and his associates were on the Ranch today not looking for alien radio transmissions with their listening equipment, but rather, sparking sources on the power lines that can transmit RFI.

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Mr. Schwarz a contractor for PACIFIC CORP, told RM that he uses listening equipment as a way to look for “sparking sources, which loose joints, bolts and nuts up on the power line-that transmits radio frequencies, which interferes with cable companies or ham radio operators, stuff like that and so,

whenever they have issues on the power lines where it’s transmitting a radio frequency…”

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Schwarz is hired to find the the source of a potential problem on the power line and report back to the power company.


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