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9/24/19, 5:31 PM


Today, the Ranch hosted an ACTIVE SHOOTER PLAN, presented by Jefferson County Deputies, Lt. Tyler Anderson and Sgt. Ryan Grote.

According to the deputies, an Active Shooter typically has an “emotional” connection that triggers the event and stopping the threat is paramount.

Someone with formal training-Police/Military may respond accordingly, however, being aware of your surroundings-looking for irregularities and mentally be prepared for anything at anytime is very important.
Familiarization with all exit points, possible hiding locations and if you have a license to carry a concealed weapon, carry it.

It boils down to “RUN, HIDE OR FIGHT.”


 Video Snippets

Video # 1: Intro…



Video # 2: Presentation



Video # 3: Presentation


Video # 4: Presentation


Video # 5: Continuation, Q&A



Video # 6: Wrap Up




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