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went AWOL during a server move.


While we have not fully implemented the “Archives” back into the RM website,

we have provided an access link below.




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Part of an Award Winning Investigative News Team


RM Has published Over 1600 Factual Stories since June 2017


RM was the only Central Oregon News Service, to cover the 2020 Portland Riots in person.


Our investigative reports have covered events utilized by local and national news organizations.


We have reported on other political and/or activists groups throughout Oregon, including People’s Rights, Black Lives Matter and Antifa.


The 2016 Protest/March and subsequent Takeover of the Oregon Wildlife Refuge was one of our very first stories, reported live and from ground zero in Burns, Ore


RM Stories have been covered by the ASSOCIATED PRESS (AP), 

“Sheriff’s Levi Fails by Landslide, 279 to 1739 in Oregon Community.”


RM has no outside funding Sources.


RM  has been recognized by the National Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, (RCFP)Based in Washington DC.


RM website has Followers in 50 States Plus Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands and Washington DC. and  Followers in 49 Countries.


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