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11/28/20, 5:30 PM


Whitehouse COVID-19 Task Force Member, Dr. Scott Atlas recently stated, “The only way this stops is if people rise up-YOU GET WHAT YOU ACCEPT.” Although Dr. Atlas has been highly criticized for his statements, there are many in Central Oregon that are rising up.

Today, in Redmond, Prineville and later in Bend, hundreds of people gathered again, for another Saturday demonstration, protesting against Governor Kate Brown’s lockdown mandate.

Protestors carried signs reflecting their frustration and anger over the lockdown and the loss of freedom. Some examples: “WILL NOT COMPLY WITH TYRANNY”, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”, “STAY OPEN OREGON”, “ALL BUSINESSES MATTER” and “FIGHT FOR FREEDOM”.

Today’s protestors included Jefferson County Commissioner, Mae Huston. When asked for a comment, while waving an American Flag, Huston stated, “I LOVE AMERICA.”

Down the street, a few Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters were observed taking pictures and live streaming the protestors.

Click here for video snippets

Video Snippet # 01: B.J. Soper, the state administrator for the People’s Rights Organization of Oregon-Comments prior to march in Redmond


Video Snippet # 02: Jeannette B-“Hope Takes Action…


Video Snippet # 03: Redmond March


Video Snippet # 04: Bend Protest


Video Snippet # 05: Bend Protest


Video Snippet # 06: Bend Protest


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