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1/9/18, 12:58 pm


CRR Attorney Kevin Harker gave a speech in 2010 entitled, “Keeping out the Riff-Raff: Making Your Community Safe.”



As earlier reported and according to Ranch Director Carol Orr, Ranch President David Palmer stated, “The AFFLUENT will be responsible for change whether we like it or not.”

Is there a Harker PLAYBOOK? If so, does it include any of the above and has it been sold to our President David Palmer?


In 2016, plaintiff’s Gary and Renee Kuhn, sued the MCNARY ESTATES HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION for “discrimination against their developmentally disabled daughter” and the use of a RV.

CRR Attorney Kevin Harker also represented the MCNARY HOA and according to Kuhn’s Attorney Dennis Steinman, “The advice from Mr. Harker was not appropriate or legally accurate period. His arguments are simply not supported by the law.”

Attorney Harker’s legal advice cost the HOA $300K to settle.

Attorney Kevin Harker facing Ranch Members at CRR Town Hall Emergency Exit Meeting on 11/4/17.
Ranch Matters Staff

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