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6/9/22, 5:35 PM


Bill & Judy’s Rodeo Survey

At last Monday’s (6/6/22), Work Session Meeting, President Bill Burt announced the results of the rodeo survey Burt stated, “We had 276 responses-182 Yeses, 52 Noes and 42 Others and the others were, how did you describe them Monty (Director Monty Riddle)?” Riddles’s answer, “People that can’t understand, it’s a Yes or No…”

Burt explained last Friday’s tabulation process, who participated and attended. He named Mr. Fiet and Pat Kelley as attendees. Director Ara Erdekian asked clarifying questions and discussed using Survey Monkey for future surveys.

Residents Carol Orr and Jeff Parcel commented on the survey format and built in bias…

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