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6/30/22, 11:14 AM


Petition Drive-UPDATE

Yesterday (6/29/22), CRR resident and concerned citizen, Kevin Feit along with a small group exercised their RIGHTS on 43rd and Chinook by


We’ve received a lot of messages, comments and suggestions asking for details regarding the Petition, better signage, as well as, more Information.

Kevin and the group apologize for the lack of clarity, but also want everyone to know, “We’re just getting started and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.”

Additionally, several residents asked us to post the Petition Statement-See Below.

Petition Statement:

“On June 20, 2022, the Crooked River Ranch Board of Directors (CRR/BOD) passed 3

Draconian/Retaliatory/Punitive Resolutions in a Non-Disclosed Meeting, further restricting homeowners rights.

RESOLUTIONS, 2022-06-20-A, B & C.

The BOD has repeatedly demonstrated a pattern of harassment & intimidation, disregarding their fiduciary duties, as well as, violating their own policies.

There are many elderly, vulnerable & low income residents living on CRR that are at the mercy of the Ranch Association leadership.

In addition, we believe there has been violations of homeowners privacy, perpetrated again by current & former Ranch Officials.

The Ranch Officials know that they have unlimited funds to fight the Ranch residents with Association funds-In order to SILENCE ALL WHO DISAGREE-CREATING A HOSTILE LIVING ENVIRONMENT.

We, the undersigned, are concerned CRR residents that believe the above Resolutions need to be immediately REPEALED and that an investigation be conducted by an outside agency/agencies regarding the conduct of CRR Ranch Officials.”

As an aside, while on site yesterday, over 1,100 vehicles passed by, many honking for freedom.

Thank you for the suggestions and support and hope to see you out on 43rd.

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Ranch Matters Staff

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