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1/17/2023, 10:57 AM



Tomorrow, 1/18/2023, there will be a Budget Audit Committee (BAC) meeting starting at 10:00 AM in the Juniper Room.

As previous reported, Ranch Matters asked Manager Judy Lapora if she would record the BAC MEETINGS for the members unable to attend.

She replied

“No we won’t record the meetings.” Lapora added, “Sue Haley takes great notes and if a member wants to know any details to read Haley’s minutes.”

The October 2017 BAC MINUTES reflect the following statement:

“Sue Haley suggested tape recording the meetings to aid in accuracy of the minutes. Judy Lapora said that she intended to record all future meetings.”

A couple of years back Lapora and the Board spent over $13K of membership money for their private Audio/Visual recording equipment installed in the Juniper Room.

Why aren’t they using this expensive and elaborate recording system?

Money Matters and understanding how accounting principles are prepared and presented by the Ranch Administration is extremely important. Recording the meetings are equally important.

Ranch Matters Staff

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