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At last Monday’s (8/05/19), Ranch BOD Work Session Meeting, one of the “SPECIAL TOPICS” discussed by the Directors was a letter from Ranch Member, Allen REEL.

Mr. Reel’s letter addressed some of his concerns regarding the annual Steel Stampede Event as it relates to quality of life issues-noise and nuisance.

Ranch President Carl Harbour opened the discussion by stating, He, (Reel)

“Needs to stay home that weekend or go to Costco.”

Director Sue Flory added,

“I recommend he stays home that weekend.”

Ranch VP, Stu Steinberg tossed a grenade, by accusing Reel of making some unidentified threat, specifically stating,

“I don’t appreciate being threatened.”

Ranch Matters contacted Mr. Reel and confirmed he made no threats, personal or otherwise, and he further stated, he reserved his right to seek civil recourse later if necessary.

Interestingly, while the Board can hurl insults, mock Members and dismiss legitimate concerns/questions, they’re proposing to silence the Membership with Resolution 2019-08-05-A.

For reasons only the Board knows, they seemingly prefer to escalate Matters rather than employ diplomatic tactics and resolve matters in the Juniper room, opting for the courtroom and hiding behind lawyers paid for by your Membership Dues.

Dues as we say, not as we Dues?

Ranch Matters Staff

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