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7/09/20, 4:34 PM

At the April 20, 2020, CRR/BOD MEETING the Ranch Directors discussed the Policy and Procedure Handbook-Second Read.



Ranch VP, Bill Burt provided an update regarding changes made to the handbook.

Burt stated, “There were, typos’ and the need to dots some I’s and cross some T’s and we did add a few things.”


Burt explained some of the changes included flags. According to Burt, they “Added a big paragraph on flags, to clarify previous items…” He provided no further details.


There was a motion to approve the Policy & Procedure Manual revisions with limited information or discussion and the vote was unanimous.

The Minutes for the April 20th Meeting did not mention anything about flags and or signs. Yet the updated Policy & Procedure Manual, dated, April 20, 2020, cites flag rules within the sign guidelines, tucked away, in a couple of sections.

 The rule states, “The U.S. flag, POW/MIA flag, State flag, foreign country and US military branch of service flags should be flown or draped according to official American flag etiquette rules. Flags other than these, including but not limited to business, athletic, political, recreational, etc. are to be considered as signs and follow the sign policies.”


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