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12/11/21, 5:11 PM


“So on the 6700 block of Mustang there is a idiot homeowner with razor wire on their fence. Is this legal? Did they pull a permit or have it approved by architectural committee? This is not safe to animals or children!”

(Jeff Fehr Comment-CRR Chat Group)



The above posting on Chat Group produced a lot of interesting comments that questioned whether the subject homeowner obtained prior approval from the ARC Committee before adding the razor wire to the fence.

One commenter confirmed talking to the Ranch and posted: “I spoke with the ranch just now and there is an investigation right now on that property.”

ARC Committee Chair and CC&R Committee Member, Gail DesBrisay weighed in and stated: “No, it was not approved through the ARC committee. I don’t believe it is legal. It will be taken care of…”



Today, Ranch Matters (RM) sat down with Mike, the subject homeowner and asked him to explain the razor wire addition to his fence.

According to Mike, he added the wire to his “pre-existing fence” as a “security measure.” He stated, “I didn’t know this was going to be such a big issue. I put this up because I have had 3 intruders on my property…” He added, “I just want my property safe.”

Mike told RM, as far as he knows, there are no policies or rules prohibiting the razor wire’s installation, but quickly added, if he was shown any written proof that the razor wire is not allowed he would remove it.

He also questioned why Committee Member Gail DesBrisay would use social media to talk about this matter. He said, “I don’t understand Gail, why you are talking when you aren’t allowed to…”


Mike has been reading our stories and commented on our “LET IT BURN” article we posted last October about CC&R Committee Member, Jim Stagl’s outrageous comments. Mike believes DesBrisay and Stagl are required to conduct their affairs as committee members confidential.


Section 4.11 of the Ranch Policy Handbook addresses committee members responsibilities involving confidential information. According to the Policy, “Every committee member is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of sensitive or personal information gained due to his or her membership on a committee. This may include information about other Association members, members of the Board, staff or other confidential information gained as a committee member and must be held in the strictest confidence.”


Mike hasn’t heard from any Ranch Official and expressed some concern over not only Ms. DesBrisay’s potential breach of confidentiality, but what he perceived as a “threat” from her statement, “It will be taken care of.”


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