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Ranch Matters Response to Joe Inocencio III Post on Next Door….

11/13/19, 1:45 PM

Ranch Matters Response to Joe Inocencio III Post on Next Door….

Sorry Joe Inocencio!

In response to your Recent Post on Next Door regarding your comments about Ranch Matters.

As you commented on several posts regarding the bus issue individually, each comment was cut and paste and applied to a different story. Those indeed were not separate responses.

On Saturday evening at 6:42 pm, one of the Ranch Matters Administrators did in fact send you a private message, thereafter, we waited approximately one hour, allowing you time to respond. You did not respond, therefore, three of your duplicated comments were removed, leaving only your original comment posted.


There were NO “false accusations” made, except by you Joe. For your convenience and to assist in your recollection, we do have a screenshot of the private message that was sent to you Saturday evening.

Additionally, regarding your comment that Ranch Matters “promotes distrust and hatred.” Ranch Matters can back up each and every story that we report with clear and definitive documentation.

Joe, your comments on Next Door along with your dishonesty show that you are lacking in those areas you claim to value. “Integrity, Service before Self and Excellence.”

Unfortunately, many of your supporters regarding your post, seem to have the same values, or lack thereof.

Ranch Matters


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