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1/28/19, 4:27 PM


Yesterday, Ranch Matters posted pictures of orange “SAVE TERREBONNE” signs located along 11th Street in Terrebonne.

Today, we spoke with Randy Lunsford, owner of Ferguson’s Market and learned the following:

The Terrebonne business community recently formed a group called the “Terrebonne Alliance” spearheaded by Jeff Jordan, owner of the Pump House Bar & Grill.

The Alliance’s stated goal is, “maintaining the essence of Terrebonne” and at the same time find a workable solution for the Lower bridge interchange, including the safety and mobility of the residents and locals of the Terrebonne area.

Lunsford further stated, any plan involving Lower Bridge road needs to include an interchange that addresses not having to go South to go North and added, the “Crooked River Ranch residents are being slighted with ODOT’s Preferred Plan.”

The Alliance is against ODOT’s “Preferred Plan” and Lunsford said, “the Plan violated earlier agreements,” and noted that the Advisory Committee working with ODOT lacked any impacted Terrebonne business owners.

Lunsford and Jordan are circulating a petition and to date, have obtained several hundred signatures.

We also spoke with long time Terrebonne resident Fred Dexter who has lived in the area since 1953.

Mr. Dexter voiced similar concerns and supports the business districts efforts to preserve the Terrebonne area, as well as address the need for an interchange much like Yew Avenue in Redmond.

Ranch Matters Staff

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