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“IF CAROL RESIGNS FROM THE BOD I WILL TOO” Ranch Director Mark Schneider

7/30/19, 1:23 PM

Ranch Director Mark Schneider originally asked to join Ranch Matters in December of 2017, at the same time, referring to our news site, as “COMMUNISM.”

At the time, we were a closed Group and reminded Mark that the BOD controls all official Ranch communication venues, but not Ranch Matters.

Mark responded, “Since Carol Orr is a member and she is on the BOD, and I am on the BOD and not allowed to be a member, I will take this up with my attorney. This is discrimination to the full extent of the law. He will be in touch with you shortly.”

Yesterday (7/29/19), Schneider asked to join Ranch Matters and we approved him, within minutes, Schneider went on the attack.
His reckless comment was not only unprofessional as a Ranch Director, but riddled with inaccuracies. We removed his comment due to its inflammatory/defamatory nature and because it was a personal attack without merit.
Interestingly, Schneider ended his comment by saying, “False accusations do not build a good reputation.”

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Schneider emailed a Ranch Member in February of 2018, accusing former Ranch Director Carol Orr of “violating her oath of office to the board of Directors.” He added,


In May of 2018, Carol Orr RESIGNED from the Ranch Board.


Former Director Orr was a strong advocate for the Association to be honest, transparent and accountable to its Members. In a statement from Ms. Orr dated January 16, 2018 she says, ” My duties are to honestly and transparently represent my constituents. This is done by providing them with as much information as possible.”

In January of 2017, Barry Maroni of AIC Insurance Agency presented a warning to the Board/Directors, telling them, “watch what they say” and as Directors, they are the”FACE OF THE RANCH.”




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