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July 22, 2019, 6:29 PM


Rather than Deny, calling David Stangland and John Stevens “DANGEROUS, CRAZY and TROUBLEMAKERS” at last Monday’s Board meeting, Ranch Manager Judy Lapora retorted, “Well, that was probably years ago.”


In the fall of 2015, Ranch Officials implemented a “WEAPON FREE ZONE” Ban due to a “Problem Homeowner,” David Stangland.

What was Stangland’s crime?



On July 31, 2015, Lapora reported to Jefferson County Sheriff, Jim Adkins, Stangland’s method of paying his dues in pennies, which triggered a chain reaction and was acted upon. She made several false and misleading statements, that included in part, that Stangland was, “ranting the whole time, about 30-40 minutes…” However, Stangland has evidence supporting about a 7 minute contact and not 30-40 minutes and at no time said or did anything of a threatening nature.

In an October 2015 email to the Sheriff, Lapora doubles down and stated, “Jim, just wanted to send this to you as an FYI. This is the same man (Stangland) who has been threatening us off and on. (The one we were worried about coming to the Annual Meeting)”

In late November of 2015 Stangland learned that he was unfairly being targeted by Lapora and others and decided to investigate. He attempted to resolve the matter internally, but was forced to go public.

Stangland obtained documents via a public records request that confirmed Lapora’s conduct needed reviewed. On March 21, 2016, he submitted to the Ranch Board a letter requesting an outside investigation.

The Board responded, “We have looked into this matter and find them-your assertions of targeting, lies, comments, and reports-to be without merit or factual basis.” The letter was signed by all of the Directors at that time.

According to their letter, they-the Board, looked into this matter. Stangland was never contacted, no requests made for records and his video of the incident was ignored.

Sheriff Adkins was placed unfairly in the middle of this mess and recently stated, “At the time, I believed her (Lapora).”

The above is just one example-there’s many more.


Ranch Matters Staff

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