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7/22/23, 3:31 PM



In our story, “ANOTHER ONE JUMPS SHIP” we reported that SRD Director Dana Pierce announced at the 7/11/23, Special Road District (SRD) meeting his intentions to resign effective the end of July.

His resignation statement wasn’t the only item of interest at the meeting.

During Public Input, former Ranch President Bill Burt asked newly elected SRD Director Dale Wiley to resign his position on the CRR Water Company Board.

Wiley retorted: “No.”

Burt: “You don’t think that’s a conflict of interest?”

Burt specifically pushed the conflict issue regarding Sundown Canyon Road and the Water Vault controversy,while preaching his gospel on conflicts.

Wiley stated he would simply recuse himself if any conflicts develop.

The discussion was lively, interesting and somewhat entertaining for those honestly familiar with the shadowy side or Crooked River Ranch.

We’ve attached the complete Public Input Video Snippet that includes questions and comments from residents in attendance.


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