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4/3/20, 12:39 PM



Yesterday, Ranch resident, Carol Orr submitted a LETTER TO THE EDITOR, titled,


and later in the day emailed all of the Ranch Directors with the Subject Line titled,


Her emailed was sent to all of the Directors at 4:16 PM and only Director Mark Schneider responded within minutes-4:33 PM.

Ms. Orr’s theme in her Letter to the Editor and email to all of the Directors focused primarily on Ranch Officials responsibilities during times of Crises.

She, specifically asked, “what plan or program has the Ranch Management/Officials developed to protect the lives and property of the homeowners?”

Orr further discussed Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora’s role, as being, “accountable for the day-to-day operation of all Ranch matters.” According to Orr, the ultimate responsibility rests upon the Board of Directors in all matters ensuring that operating procedures/programs answer the safety and security needs of the lives and property of the homeowners-Bottom line.

Director Schneider’s response failed to address any of Orr’s very serious questions and only addressed meetings-that have been cancelled along with safe places for the “officers and public during meetings.”

According to Schneider, the Stay Home mandate by Governor Brown has allowed our Ranch Officials plenty of time to train on ZOOM technology. Schneider stated, “We have been getting training from Carl (Ranch President Carl Harbour) on Zoom, and how to use it properly.”

Pre-ZOOMING our Officials are using their stay at home time wisely, can we A-ZOOM they are working diligently behind the scenes?

As an aside, there are unconfirmed reports regarding Zoom Attacks and the vulnerability of system users.

See Attached E-Mails Below

——– Original message ——–
From: Carol <carolaorr@1791.com>
Date: 4/2/20 4:16 PM (GMT-08:00)
To: carl.harbour@crookedriverranch.com, bill.burt@crookedriverranch.com, jerry.cooper@crookedriverrannch.com, randy.peterson@crookedriverranch.com, stephanie.proffit@crookedriverranch.com, mark.schneider@crookedriverranch.com, monty.riddle@crookedriverranch.com, mike.dries@crookedriverranch.com, judy.gilliland@crookedriverranch.com
Subject: Follow up to plans

To all Board,

I emailed President Carl Harbour and Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora on 3/26 (Crisis Plans? ) and to date haven’t received a response.

Here it is April 2 and no word from our leaders regarding my questions? Isn’t it the responsibility of the Ranch Management and Board of Directors to address any and all crises?

Do you have a plan or program developed to protect the safety and property of the homeowners? I’m not looking for a nanny state program, but feel there needs to be some basic program in place to protect our safety and assets.

I am interested in how the Board intends to handle crises (natural or man-made) in general, but more specifically, how the Board will handle those Members that work and lost their jobs and can’t pay their bills during this pandemic, including dues.

We are currently living in unprecedented times and this pandemic exposes our true vulnerabilities at all levels. The Ranch Officials have to take some responsibility regarding Crises and in particular this pandemic demands some action, at minimum communicating with the homeowners pertinent information in a timely fashion.

As a dues paying Member I respectfully demand some answers. I understand, Director Gilliland doesn’t like it when I use the word demand, but I believe demand is fitting given the history related to this Board.

It’s common knowledge now that first responders are over worked and in harms way. Law enforcement is prioritizing calls and under best of conditions, typically take 30-45 minutes to respond to incidents on the Ranch. Translation, we are our own first responders.

I am aware there have been missed opportunities specifically that could have addressed safety and security issues handled internally-by the Ranch. Maybe it is time to re-examine steps the Ranch could take to ensure the homeowners safety, security and piece of mind.

The silence is deafening. There have been no reports or updates on any of the official communication venues used by the Ranch. Hopefully some Directors or President Harbour has the professionalism to confirm receiving this email.

Carol Orr

From: reps2you

Sent: Thursday, April 2, 2020 4:33 PM
To: Carol; carl.harbour@crookedriverranch.com; bill.burt@crookedriverranch.com; jerry.cooper@crookedriverrannch.com; randy.peterson@crookedriverranch.com; stephanie.proffit@crookedriverranch.com; mark.schneider@crookedriverranch.com; monty.riddle@crookedriverranch.com; mike.dries@crookedriverranch.com; judy.gilliland@crookedriverranch.com
Subject: RE: Follow up to plans


The Board has been working to provide safe space for our officers and public during meetings. We have been getting training from Carl on Zoom, and on how to use it properly. The public will be invited to attend . Each person can join the meeting from their front room.
More details on this forthcoming.


Mark Schneider



Ranch Matters Staff

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