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PANORAMA PARK-Vandalism Update

6/9/23, 3:57 PM

PANORAMA PARK-Vandalism Update

On April 7, 2023, Ranch Matters posted a report regarding some minors-juveniles, vandalizing the restrooms at Panorama Park.

The unnamed minors did some major damage to the restrooms on March 30 and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office initial report stated the following:

“On March 30,2023, a deputy with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office investigated a case of vandalism in Crooked River Ranch.

After an investigation, it was determined three juvenile males damaged park property in excess of $2000.

One male was identified and transported to the Jefferson County Juvenile Hall where he was charged with Reckless Burning and Criminal Mischief I.”


At the April 3, 2023, CRR/BOD Work Session Meeting, Ranch General Maintenance Supervisor, Mike Knoke, provided the Ranch Directors his report regarding the vandalism incident at Panorama Park.

Knoke confirmed the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office investigated the matter and “identified all suspects.”


President Kari Vickery asked Knoke: “Are we responsible or is Jefferson County responsible for replacing the fixtures?”

Knoke: “Jefferson County will replace the fixtures…”

Knoke added: “I would like to have the Sheriff give us the boys names or at least have them come out here and work for us…”


Ranch Manager Judy Lapora indicated she wants to be involved in the process and believes there needs to be some “accountability.”

Lapora then suggested that the perpetrators wear a T-shirt, saying, “I’m the vandal.”

Vickery quickly interjected:

“No Public Shaming.”

Lapora stressed: “WE WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN THIS.” ?




RM checked back with the Ranch Administration for some updates, but they had none.


We then re-contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and received the following email response:

“This is currently an open criminal case at the DA’s office, with case number 30313. This report is not releasable, and I anticipate it will not be released due to the involvement of minors.”

In a later email response, the Sheriff’s Office confirmed the minors are facing

“Felony charges.”


The County is on the hook for replacing the damaged fixtures and the dollar amount involved plays a role in whether a suspect is charged with a misdemeanor or felony.


We emailed Jefferson County Administrator Jeff Rasmussen for the actual dollar amount and he sent us an Invoice dated, April 11, 2023, titled, CRR Restroom Vandalism, reflecting $2456.06.


Additionally, we contacted the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office seeking further information and/or a comment.

No response.




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