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12/31/20, 2:07 PM


The founder and former CEO of OVERSTOCK, Patrick Byrne, recently stated that China is taking the USA over from within.

Whether you agree or disagree with Byrnes assessment China is noted for approaching warfare from a “soft-power” or guerrilla approach-especially when fighting on the economic battlefield.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military doctrine and their strategic culture is seriously steeped in the “ART OF WAR” by Sun Tzu.


Tzu was a military philosopher and strategist that penned the Art of War about 2500 years ago and still is the source of strategic thinking for contemporary leaders-Eastern and Western.

One of Sun Tzu’s key principles states, “ALL WARFARE IS BASED ON DECEPTION” followed closely by an equally significant principle that advocates, subduing an enemy without actually fighting. Tzu states, “THE SUPREME ART OF WAR IS TO SUBDUE THE ENEMY WITHOUT FIGHTING.”

We know that CCP has their fingers in just about everything American, including the current CORONAVIRUS. Just over a year ago, thanks to China, the American economy and business communities along with many of our Constitutional Rights have been decimated from their virus.

We can argue till the cows come home whether the coronavirus was a deliberate act of soft- power warfare or an accident. However, if one honestly assesses the damaged inflicted by the virus they will find the pandemic battlefield littered with the bodies of thousands, destroyed businesses and shattered lives.

Is Byrne’s assessment correct?

Ranch Matters Staff

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