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Monday (2/7/22) , Ranch Matters (RM) published a report regarding the Work Session Meeting with the focus on President Bill Burt’s “Rodeo Arena Proposal” with a follow-up report, yesterday (2/9/22), titled:




Our stories centered primarily on the questionable process behind the contractual and financial ramifications of Burt’s proposal. For reasons that only Burt and the Board knows, the Association Membership were left in the dark.

As reported, Burt didn’t want to discuss at Monday’s meeting any of the pertinent details openly and apparently made sure the Work Session Packet withheld any relevant information, including, letters to the County, maps and diagrams of the proposed project.


If RM hadn’t attended yesterday’s Jefferson County Board of Commissioners Meeting and witnessed first hand Burt’s testimony that included his submitted exhibits-information hidden from the Ranch Membership, there’s a good chance the property owners would be the last to know what’s really going on.

Burt’s Plan included holding a “Special Meeting” for Board approval, of a contract that encumbers the Association Homeowners for 5 years.

Burt had his Special Meeting today and all of the Ranch Directors were present with the exception of Monty Riddle.

After Roll Call, Burt stated: “Went and visited with the Jefferson County Commissioners yesterday and got the initial approval for $10,000 dollars for our THING at the rodeo.”


Burt proceeded to explain some of the funding involved was from the “Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) and confirmed the contract with the promoter still needed to be signed. He stated: “We don’t have a signed contract, but we have VERBAL approval from Claude to do this.”

Without any further discussion, Burt stated: “I would entertain a motion to approve using the TOT Funds and agreeing to the contract.”

Directors Julia Randall and Richard Ebers interjected, triggering some interesting discussion between Burt and various Directors.



Director Ara Erdekian weighed in and asked some well thought out questions. He stated: “Got many emails back and forth, a few questions, did you, when you went after funds, we talked about how much the TOT tax stems from people driving on and off the Ranch. Did you ask, by any chance if there was anyway we could spend some of our TOT Funds on the infrastructure on the Ranch, like our road division, in the future…?” Burt responded: “No, it’s promotional only” and Erdekian commented: “So, the infrastructure continually gets used by people coming on, paying the tax and nothing goes back to the Ranch or the infrastructure they’re driving on?”

Erdekian asked about other funding ideas including vendor booths that could benefit the Association financially. He stated: “In the contract there’s nothing about having any booth space for a-where are we on that?” Burt replied: “In VERBAL discussions with him (promoter?) he was okay with having a vendor booth for the Ranch and I’m not sure, ahhh, what his definition of that was…” In the background, Ranch Manager Judy Lapora tells Burt: “He’s fine” with having a vendor down there. Erdekian asked: “Is there any cream off that top of this…?” The answer was “no.” Erdekian continued to discuss the pros and cons regarding the contract terms and conditions…

Burt responded to Erdkians questions/concerns by advocating for the promoter’s interests after admitting there’s no cream or benefit for the Ranch Homeowners. Burt continued and stated: “Talking to him and Judy and Judy’s husband and Judy’s husband’s brother, who runs a cattle company”- Burt suddenly stops and shifts the conversation over to Jefferson County Administrator Jeff Rasmussen.

The discussion lingered on and Burt was growing inpatient and was only interested in getting his contract approved for his rodeo.

Director Jerry Cooper said: “Let’s get to the vote.”

Director Ebers made the Motion to approve the contract and the following Directors voted to approve the contract: President Bill Burt, VP Carl Harbour, Secretary Julia Randall, Treasurer Jerry Cooper, Mike Dries, Randy Peterson and Richard Ebers.

Director Ara Erdekian was OPPOSED.

The Special Meeting lasted for about 25 minutes and after Burt adjourned the meeting, he looked up at his computer screen, reading a comment from Ranch resident Carol Orr and said: “What’s the name of the promoter? Who else… “I LOVE THIS SHIT”, sarcastically.

Note: Erdekian provided the name of the promoter (Claude Rickman) during the meeting.

Again, Director Monty Riddle did not attend the Special Meeting.

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