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4/26/18, 7:27 PM


While at the State Capital today we had an opportunity to meet and interview the State’s new Public Records Advocate/Ombudsman,


Ginger McCall.

Ms. McCall just started her job yesterday, April 25, 2018, and took the time to meet with us and discuss public records law issues generally, as well as specifically, regarding CRR related matters.

She explained the process-how she might get involved in a Records Dispute. Her Office would receive the records request and review it. After the case has been reviewed she identifies all key players and any and all responses. All available information is analyzed and decisions are made accordingly.
If necessary, Mediation will be employed to resolve the records dispute.

Ms. McCall is a strong advocate for citizens and their right to know what government entities are doing. Transparency is very important to Ms. McCall.

Ranch Matters Staff

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