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By Carol Orr


They, Ranch Matters, DID HAVE PERMISSION

  For Richard Jensen, CRR’s Golf Course Superintendent to say “YOUR DIDN’T FUCKING ASK” is not only a lie but highly offensive. Jensen’s offensive conduct included, calling Ranch golfers, “FUCKING GOLFERS.”

Why would our Golf Superintendent use that kind of language, oh wait, I know why.

Last November, former Ranch VP,Stu Steinberg, suddenly resigned after telling Onya Remer, a Ranch Member and business owner, to go “GET A FUCKING LAWYER.” and even encouraged her to sue the Ranch.

The behavior of certain Crooked River Ranch Officials is now becoming very alarming. There is a pattern of conduct demonstrated by certain Officials that suggests an abuse of power. Perhaps, someone needs to investigate this.

I’m taking this personally. A couple of months back, I was targeted by the Board of Directors because I questioned one of the Directors taking unfounded police action against me.

A short time later, the Ranch VP accused a couple of Members of “Hate Crimes” and indicated the police had been contacted. The same VP threatened another female member by stating “YOU JUST KEEP IT UP AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS.” Is the Ranch now using the police as their private security force? As a Member, I’m concerned about my rights being potentially violated over petty and unfounded accusations.

For the deputy to “TRESPASS” Ranch Matters based on just the word of Jensen alone and later the Sheriff stating, “NO CRIMES WERE COMMITTED” and that the groundskeeper gave them, Ranch Matters permission and directions to be on the Course for their investigative story, suggests something is seriously wrong.

As an Association Member, I request that there be some discussion about how dues paying Ranch Homeowners can be arbitrarily Trespassed from Community Property and at the same time look into conduct/language of Richard Jensen. Please include this request as part of the Special Topic/Agenda for the next available Board Meeting.

This post is also being sent to the your Board of Directors.