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3/29/19, 1:23 PM

State vs. Butler (Bim) Maclean Gander

Case No: 17 CR 51997


Ranch Matters Reported the latest developments regarding Butler (Bim) Gander’s Case on 2/21/19, in a story titled, “DOUBLE BOOKED.”

Part of the story focused on Gander’s multiple requests to leave the State of Oregon to GO FISHING IN ALASKA, attend a COIN CONVENTION in the Mid-West and a trip to Southern California.

Ranch Matters just obtained a court document-DEFENDANT’S UNOPPOSED MOTION TO MODIFY CONDITIONS OF RELEASE, dated 3/28/19, again requesting permission to leave the State of Oregon to attend ” EARLY AMERICAN COPPER CONVENTION in Dayton, Ohio by airplane from May 1, 2019 through May 5, 2019.”

Additionally, Gander’s request includes traveling to Montana and Idaho for unspecified reasons along with unspecified dates.

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