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NOTICE Public Meeting Tomorrow, July 09, 2019 6:00 PM @ Ranch Chapel

7/08/19, 12:41 PM

The purpose: “An informational meeting to discuss development of property adjacent to and south of Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue… The property owners want to share the development concept and seek public input.”

Today, Ranch Matters met with Jefferson County Administrator Jeff Rasmussen, who is also the “Acting Planning Director.”

According to Mr. Rasmussen, the County has not received an Application, yet and plans on attending tomorrow’s meeting as an observer. He added, he was not familiar with the Survey sent out by the property owner.

The former Planning Director resigned a few months back, after the last Planning Commission Meeting on the Ranch.
Currently, all land use permits are being “outsourced” via an engineering firm in La Grande, Oregon.

Ranch Matters Staff

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