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10/14/21, 12:29 PM


Last Monday we posted a story regarding the Vehicle/RV fire on SW Shad Rd.

While the fire was still smoldering Ranch resident and CC&R Committee Member Jim Stagl dispensed his typical poison on social media about the victims.

CC&R Committee Member Jim Stagl

Stagl initially commented: “If we are lucky, it will spread to the whole place. Let it burn.” In another comment Stagl said: “Place is a CCR violation disaster. Let it burn.” He wasn’t done. Stagl addressed a lady as “chicky” and commented: “Sorry chicky, but the place has been an eye sore disaster for too many years. CCR violation for a long time.”

Our story pointed out that Stagl, as a member of the CC&R Committee violated Policies regarding confidential information and questioned whether he was speaking for the CC&R Committee and or the Board.

Yesterday (10/13/21), Ranch Matters had an opportunity to talk briefly with Ranch President Bill Burt about CC&R Committee Member Jim Stagl’s “LET IT BURN” comments.

Burt responded “NO COMMENT.”

Asked Burt if he or the Board would be stepping in and investigate Stagl’s conduct?

Burt again replied “NO COMMENT.”

We discussed the seriousness of Stagl’s comments and how it reflects on the leadership of the Homeowners Association. We stressed Stagl’s conduct demands some immediate action, including his removal from the CC&R Committee.

Burt responded: “NO COMMENT.”

Ranch Matters Staff