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4/4/2022, 2:20 PM


Last June, the Jefferson County Commission interviewed 2 candidates for the position of County Sheriff. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy/Corporal Jason Pollock, was first to be interviewed by the Commission, followed by Undersheriff Marc Heckathorn.

The meeting adjourned for a short time and reconvened where the Commission further discussed the process, deliberated and voted to appoint Heckathorn as the new Sheriff.

After the meeting Ranch Matters (RM) spoke briefly with Pollock and he wanted to thank everyone and added, he plans on running for Sheriff in the May 17, 2022 Primary Election.


The race is on for the Sheriff’s position and this time the voters, not the Commission will decide who will be the next Sheriff, Heckathorn or Pollock.

Pollock spoke with RM regarding the controversy surrounding the campaign. He stated his story isn’t about his opponents campaign, but rather what he is going to do to benefit voters in the county if he’s elected sheriff.

Pollock compared his experience to his opponents as “night and day” and stated over the last 18 years in law enforcement he’s “been in the thick of it.” He explained the various positions he’s held from street cop, detective to president of the Jefferson County Law Enforcement Association. He added, over the course of his duties with the Sheriff’s Office he has personally responded to “7,700” calls for service all types.

According to Pollock’s Bio: “Now more than ever, law enforcement agencies need good leaders and good people in positions that understand and support their officers and deputies- leaders with a strong backbone who have done the jobs they are supervising and can relate to the challenges of each position. We need leaders who have ‘been there and done that…”

Pollock believes it’s important for the Sheriff’s Office not only to be transparent, but continue to stand for the rights of all citizens.

Pollock has been working the Ranch-knocking on doors, handing out campaign signs and answering questions. He wants to know what’s on your mind-you can call him at 541-598-6230.