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11/15/18, 12:26 PM

Crooked River Ranch Special Road District-UPDATE

Ranch Matters Posted on 11/07/18, a story titled NO, NO NOTICE regarding a SPECIAL MEETING held by the Ranch SPECIAL ROAD DISTRICT on 11/05/18, that was not published- NO NOTICE.

Last night (11/14/18), Ranch Matters attended the CRR SPECIAL ROAD DISTRICT Regular Meeting and a question was asked about the 11/05/18, SPECIAL MEETING-Where was the Notice Published and When?

SRD Commissioners stated the 11/05/18, SPECIAL MEETING had been published in their MINUTES in advance of the meeting.

PROBLEM, there’s two (2) sets of MINUTES.

We have attached both sets of MINUTES, Dated 10/10/18,

Exhibit #1, under OLD BUSINESS, No Mention Of 11/05/18, SPECIAL MEETING.

Exhibit # 2, Again, under OLD BUSINESS, includes the following: “A special meeting is being called for November 5th at 1:00 pm to discuss their topic, and possibly future planning.”

Oregon Public Meetings Law, ORS 192.610-192.690 addresses government entities duties regarding publishing, in advance, Notice of their public meetings.


Ranch Matters Staff

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