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9/18/20, 1:25 PM


Yesterday (9/17/20), Ranch Matters obtained a copy of a letter dated 9/11/20, addressed to Ranch President Carl Harbour & Ranch Treasurer Jerry Cooper regarding a political Ad in the Ranch Telegraph concerning Jefferson County Commissioner Wayne Fording’s campaign.


According to the Oregon Elections Division’s representative, Michelle, Commissioner Fording’s “filed information was filed correctly and he did not violate any Oregon Laws.”
Additionally, she confirmed Fording paid for his Ad personally.

We also contacted Ranch Manager Judy Lapora and she confirmed the Association did not contribute any money to the Fording campaign.
Lapora stated she knew about the 9/11 letter and that’s what triggered her call to Commissioner Fording.
Lastly, Lapora said she was unfamiliar with the sender(s) name, “VERY CONCERNED ASSN MEMBERS.”

Today, Commissioner Fording weighed in and stated he had not seen the letter in question until Ranch Matters shared a copy with him.

He explained that there was an “entry error” and amended his filing after hearing from Lapora.


He too was unfamiliar with the sender(s).

Click Here for Fordings Video Statement


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