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5/05/20, 6:58 PM

There has been an uptick of petty crimes on the Ranch and according to Jefferson County Sheriff, Jim Adkins, the Ranch Officials need to explore “out of the box” options regarding the safety and security of the Ranch Homeowners. Adkins added, “…the Sheriff’s Office can’t always be there.”

Graffiti is another crime impacting the Ranch Homeowners and who pays for it?


On April 14, 2020, the Sheriff’s Office took a report regarding “criminal mischief to a sign.” The sign in question is a large wooden billboard type of sign located in the Commercial Loop area that had just recently been installed.


The graffiti sprayed painted on the sign read, “Chuck is a bastard’ in large bold letters.

The Sheriff’s Detective interviewed former Ranch Maintenance Supervisor, Steve Swigart and the Trading Post store owner, Chuck Gumm. See attached (partial) report provided by Sheriff Jim Adkins today, for details.


According to the report, the estimated value in damage to the sign is about “$500.00.”

Swigart also noted there had been some additional graffiti sprayed at the top of Hill Rd/Viewpoint that read, “unfuck the system” and Swigart had to paint over it.

Again, who pays for this?

Ranch Matters Staff

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