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8/13/19   5:10 PM


 By Carol Orr

Okay. Let me explain where the Stevens/Stangland saga began.  As many of you recall, one day out of the blue, admin. decided to post a NO WEAPONS sign in the window of their entrance. I and several others went to admin. and talked with Judy L. asking her why the sign? She then explained that the office felt threatened by Dave S. who came into the office and paid his dues in coins. She claimed she thought he had a knife or gun or some such thing. Dave did not. Further explaining that she and some Board members were now afraid to go to their cars after Board meetings. I was considering becoming a Board member and was wondering if I should be take that chance. Well, I and several other Residents made the case at a Board meeting to take the sign down, as all a sign stating no weapons, just makes them a sitting duck. I suggested if they were still afraid, then have a Firearms instructor tailor a program for them, even giving her an excellent reference. They took the sign down the very next day. I don’t think they ever hired a Firearms expert to help them protect themselves. So no big conspiracy there, that is the beginning of perpetuating the “evil” reputation of said individuals. As you will notice, I was not a Board member at that time. So I was not talking out of turn, just as a concerned CRR resident.


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